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Over our three decades, we have provided consulting and management services for more than 50 spas, fitness/wellness centers, leisure and lifestyle facilities in worldwide.

In our clients you will find recognizable hospitality, residential and wellness brands. Call to talk to us & meet us..

At Xellent, we provide feasibility studies, spa consulting and brand development, pre-opening support, and daily management for spas, fitness and wellness centers and lifestyle projects around the world.




Step by Step


1. We research the Project Feasibility

  • Extensive Market Research,
  • 2 Year Financial Projection,
  • Key Performance
  • Project Cost

2. We create the Concept & we Design the Development

  • Concept & Theme Spa Design Treatment & Development

3. Construction

  • Review design OR design from scratch
  • Mechanical & Engineering Design
  • Supervise or Undertake construction

4. Pre-Opening

  • Opening Timeline programming Personnel & Training Operating Equipment and FF & E Supplies and Professional Products Retail & Accessories Spa Software

5. Post-Opening

  • Marketing Plan Management Support Review and Train Spa Personnel Operational System Operational Audits

6. Business Analysis

  • We use all kind of predictive tools to determine the success and viability of tourism & spa projects.


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